General Resources: Maps

Using Google Earth for Genealogy

How To Use Google Earth for Genealogy (Video)
Approx. 1.5 hour long video from Lisa Louise Cooke showing how to overlay maps with Google Earth, locate land patents, ...

Google Earth for Genealogy and Historical Maps

Using Google Earth with Genealogy and Historical Maps
Links to tutorials and historical maps that can be used as overlays with google earth

Location-Specific Resources: Maps

Athens, Georgia, Genealogy Reading Room

Georgia: Athens/Clarke County Library Heritage Room
Genealogy research room in the Athens, Georgia, library system

Georgia County Maps

Georgia County Maps
Detailed maps of each county that show the locations of items of interest, including small cemeteries

Mississippi State Archives

Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Digital archives include the Educable Children records, Confederate pension applications, 19th century tax rolls, WWI record of service cards, map ...

Seeking Michigan - the online platform for the Michigan Historical Center

Michigan: Seeking Michigan
Michigan State Archives publishes Seeking Michigan, the online platform for the Michigan Historical Center. In addition to death records from ...