Mary Ann KelleyI’m Mary Ann, and you’ve found my little home on the web. In my journey through family history, my research has led to connections with dozens of cousins on different branches of my family tree. It has been a pleasure to get to know the many descendants of my ancestors and share resources with them.

Collecting Cousins is a celebration of family, a chronicle of discoveries, a repository of resources I’ve used, and an overview of things I wish I had known about research when I got started. The links are a collection of the useful resources I have found for genealogy. The resources are not comprehensive because the list has grown out of my personal use, but they will certainly grow over time to include many resources that others might find helpful. Feel free to comment on a post or submit a link if there is a site that you have found helpful. If you are in need of assistance with your research, or just want someone to look it over with an experienced eye, I am available for consultations, coaching, and research. You’ll find my contact form here.

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Mary Ann


  1. Rochelle Butler says

    Hi! I love your blog and was wondering how I might subscribe to it by email? Thank you so much!
    Rochelle Butler

  2. Rudolfo C. Acosta says

    I am new at the Mexico’s genealogy side of it’s collection which is vast. Faustino Calderon is my interest.

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