General Resources: Historical Maps

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the US
The digital edition of all of the nearly 700 maps published in the 1932 version of Atlas of the Historical ...

David Rumsey Map Collection

David Rumsey Map Collection contains over 59,000 maps and images including rare 16th-20th century maps of North & South America. A new app called ...

Using Google Earth for Genealogy

How To Use Google Earth for Genealogy (Video)
Approx. 1.5 hour long video from Lisa Louise Cooke showing how to overlay maps with Google Earth, locate land patents, ...

One-Step Webpages by Stephen P. Morse One Step Webpages
Steve Morse's site provides an interface to search databases with one step instead of the multiple steps required at the ...

Atlas of Historical Counties

Atlas of Historical Counties
Atlases for each state that overlay the counties from any point in history on top of the current county boundaries

List of all extant Sanborn maps

List of All Extant Sanborn Maps
Sanborn Maps give detailed descriptions of the properties on every block mapped over a course of several decades for many ...

Location-Specific Resources: Historical Maps

Athens/Clarke County, Georgia history

Georgia: Athens/Clarke County History (UGA)
A profile of Athens and Clarke County with photos, information about landmarks and historic places, cemetery links, historical maps, and ...

Map of US: Georgia's county boundary changes over time

Georgia County Maps (Changes)
Animated map of Georgia showing county boundary changes over time

Georgia Virtual Vault

Georgia Virtual Vault
The Georgia Virtual Vault is the online home of the Georgia Archives and contains several collections of interest to genealogist. ...

Mississippi State Archives

Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Digital archives include the Educable Children records, Confederate pension applications, 19th century tax rolls, WWI record of service cards, map ...

Georgia Sanborn Maps

Georgia: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Georgia Towns & Cities, 1884-1922
"Sanborn® Fire Insurance Maps for Georgia Towns and Cities, 1884-1922 consists of 4,445 maps by the Sanborn Map Company depicting ...

Seeking Michigan - the online platform for the Michigan Historical Center

Michigan: Seeking Michigan
Michigan State Archives publishes Seeking Michigan, the online platform for the Michigan Historical Center. In addition to death records from ...

UGA Hargrett Collection

Georgia: University of Georgia archives library for local and Georgia history, Hargrett Collection
Archives library for local and Georgia history (rare book and manuscript collection)

Pennsylvania State Library

Pennsylvania State Library
"The Genealogy and Local History Collection of the State Library of Pennsylvania consists of a wide variety of indexes, genealogies, ...

Pennsylvania Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Pennsylvania: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Digitized archives of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for cities and towns in Pennsylvania

Virginia Historical County Boundaries

Virginia Historical County Boundaries
From the Newberry Library's Center for American History and Culture, this interactive map of Virginia covers the historical boundaries, names, ...