General Resources: Civil War

FamilySearch is the premiere free source for genealogy documents. With millions of records from around the world, its collections cover ...


Formerly, Fold3 is largely a resource for military document research. They also offer a large collection of city directories ...

How to Order Older Military Service or Pension Records

How to Order Older Military Service or Pension Records
Online and paper order forms for pre-1917 records

Identifying Civil War Uniforms

Identifying Civil War Uniforms
Using clues from photos to identify Civil War uniforms

Rebel Yell Recordings

Recordings of the Rebel Yell
Rebel Yell recordings from Civil War veterans on available on audio and video from the early 20th century (from Alabama ...

Stone Sentinels: Civil War Markers

Stone Sentinals - Confederate Battle Monuments & Historical Markers
Stone Sentinels tours the battlefield monuments and historical markers that tell of America's Civil War in the East. Photographs, text ...

Location-Specific Resources: Civil War

15th Michigan Infantry History

Michigan: 15th Michigan Infantry History
15th Michigan Infantry History (dedicated to Company B but includes information about the entire unit)

Georgia Virtual Vault

Georgia Virtual Vault
The Georgia Virtual Vault is the online home of the Georgia Archives and contains several collections of interest to genealogist. ...

Louisiana State Archives

Louisiana State Archives
The Louisiana State Archives has collections that include vital records, governmental records, assessment records, colonial documents, passenger manifests for the ...

Mississippi State Archives

Mississippi Department of Archives and History
Digital archives include the Educable Children records, Confederate pension applications, 19th century tax rolls, WWI record of service cards, map ...

Seeking Michigan - the online platform for the Michigan Historical Center

Michigan: Seeking Michigan
Michigan State Archives publishes Seeking Michigan, the online platform for the Michigan Historical Center. In addition to death records from ...

Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Texas State Library and Archives Commission
Online indices for confederate pensions, vital records, republic claims, county records, and more

Confederate Newspapers in Virginia During the Civil War

Virginia Newspapers During the Civil War
Description of partisan newspapers in mid 19th century Virginia