Index of All New Orleans Successions

New Orleans Succession Index (New Orleans Public Library)

"In 1881, A. J. Villere compiled the General Index of all Successions, Opened in the Parish of Orleans, From the Year 1846, to the Month of August, 1880, published and edited by E.A. Peyroux and printed in New Orleans. The index presented here is a transcription of Villere's index. The index primarily references successions. However, lawsuits brought against successions are also included in the index, as are references to emancipations of minors, interdictions and, occasionally, other matters related to the administration of estates. The index does not include references either to inventories of estates or to wills. Inventories (if one was filed) are filed with the succession, rather than in a separate series, as they were in the Court of Probates. As in the Court of Probates, wills continued to be filed separately and transcribed by the Recorder of Wills into Will Books. Microfilm indexing to the Will Books is available in the City Archives. Copies of the wills are only rarely to be found in the succession record." Many of the items in this index can be found online in's image-only section of Louisiana records.

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