Pennsylvania Genealogy Resources

Armstrong County Genealogy Project

Pennsylvania: Armstrong County Genealogy Project (PA)
Armstrong County Pennsylvania Genealogy Project is part of the PA-Roots family of websites.

Documenting the American South

Documenting the South Photos
(Includes more than just southern states) “Documenting the American South (DocSouth) is a digital publishing initiative that provides Internet access ...

PA Roots Genealogy Pages

Pennsylvania: PA-Roots
Genealogy website covering the counties of Pennsylvania. Each county has a page with subpages for townships and includes various resources ...

Genealogy records at the Pennsylvania State Archives

Pennsylvania State Archives
The state archives for Pennsylvania has online records and indeces for land records, some birth  and marriage records, and death ...

Stone Sentinels: Civil War Markers

Stone Sentinals – Confederate Battle Monuments & Historical Markers
Stone Sentinels tours the battlefield monuments and historical markers that tell of America’s Civil War in the East. Photographs, text ...

Pennsylvania State Library

Pennsylvania State Library
“The Genealogy and Local History Collection of the State Library of Pennsylvania consists of a wide variety of indexes, genealogies, ...

Pennsylvania Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

Pennsylvania: Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps
Digitized archives of Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for cities and towns in Pennsylvania

Sanborn Maps from the University of Texas

Sanborn Maps Online
Lots of state libraries offer access to Sanborn maps, but often it is through a clunky viewer with a difficult ...

Add to Your Genealogy Narrative with Explore PA History

Adding to a Narrative with Explore PA History
“ provides users with three principal entry points: ‘Stories from PA History,’ ‘Visit PA Regions,’ and ‘Teach PA History.’ ‘Stories ...