20 Gifts for Genealogists

Gift shopping can be difficult, especially for older adults. Not only do they simply buy items they need for themselves, most people seem to be trying to declutter after years of accumulating stuff. That leaves me trying to think of clutter-free yet useful gifts on a budget, and -- as you know -- that is HARD. Gifts for genealogists, however, are plentiful. Read More »

Locality Guides for Genealogy

From the hours, locations, collections, and rules of repositories to listings of extant historical newspapers, a locality guide can put oft-referenced information in one place for easy access. You can purchase general locality guides for states and some cities; some of my favorite guides are the NGS state guides, Val Greenwood's "The Researcher's Guide to American Genealogy," and Ancestry's "Red Book: American State, County, and Town Sources." At the local level, genealogists benefit from keeping more their own locality guides geared toward their specific research. Read More »

France Genealogy Research

Much like state archives in the US, France's departments have governmental archives. Lucky for those of us who can't visit in person, these records are online with free access to view and download. There are restrictions on publishing (in other words, don't upload the records to your online tree), but the interface allows downloads of all of the online records for your personal use.

This free access to the departmental archives is a great way to further your research on your French ancestors. Read More »