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FREE Online Genealogy Workshops

As amateur genealogists, we often don't know what we don't know. Terms like GPS, conflicting evidence, exhaustive research, citation, triangulation, and others can leave the new genealogist overwhelmed and ready to head back to our favorite online service for the low-hanging fruit. If we are going to do this research thing, we need to education ourselves. You never know when it will pay off in a completely unexpected way, and no one wants a family tree with someone else's relatives in it because they just didn't know any better. Read More »

Family Tree Pumpkin Template

In looking for a pumpkin template featuring a family tree, I found nothing so I thought it would be fun to upload one.

The detail in the template makes the use of the thin blades necessary. You can find a pumpkin carving kit that includes knives with thin serrated blades at just about any grocery or big box store this time of year. Read More »